Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today's New Items

            new items were stocked into the store! We got many new items as well as new used items!  
BPN neck ties, necklaces and cell charm, all new!

(BTSSB dot bag, Parasol in Black and Collapsable Parasol in pink)

(BTSSB socks in pink and blue)
(adorable Forest Harvest JSK, in pink) 
Algonquins Onepiece

Ap Cutsew

               Thank you all so much for reading!


  1. It was really awesome to see your shop in person. >_</

  2. I talked to your mom today and discovered your blog.

    Looks really good.

    Brigitte from Coco Mio

  3. Hello! Sorry this isn't alex, but I will tell her you said hi :)